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koolgirlposse Inc. is a New York City-based design consultancy dedicated to partnering with its clients to create successful graphic branding strategies.

We believe the most powerful tool to driving how an audience positively experiences a brand is through delight. This sense of delight occurs when design touches the heart of its audience and evokes a smile, which is a sure sign of having left a marked impression in hearts and minds.

We create this emotional connection by understanding our clients, their products, and who their desired audience is. Equipped with this background research, we take an explorative design journey in order to determine the most relevant visual solution, weaving messaging with graphic elements in a happy orchestration of color, pattern, typography, logo development, imagery and tactility.



Charita Patamikakorn, Principal

“I know my job is done well when it makes people smile.”

Charita Patamikakorn is a New York City native who had the great fortune of growing up in one of the best in the art and design centers of the world. The cultural and social diversity of the city and its wealth of inspiration has constantly informed her design approach.

A graduate of Parsons School of Design and a proud alumna of world renowned product and innovation design consultancy Smart Design, Charita built the foundations of her design career amidst a multi-disciplinary design community, giving her a unique approach to tactile brand design in relation to dimensional objects and spaces. By understanding design and manufacturing processes and collaborating with other design disciplines in industrial and interior design, she is able to make two-dimensional design relevant in a three-dimensional world.

Charita’s unyielding attention to detail and her penchant for color and space — in addition a quirky sense of humor — gives her the unique ability to create distinctive and memorable design concepts that draw people in and engage them with the joy of discovery.

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